People have the choice to take responsibility for their own well-being. Whole Wellness Within is a whole body wellness company, which believes in a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. We invite you to experience the power of transformation when you balance your inward journey with your outward venture.

Cynthia Bushey started Whole Wellness Within in 2006, after experiencing some life changing circumstances. She realized that healing starts from within and would like to share her experiences with you. Cynthia has a Master’s in Communication Disorders, an elementary teaching degree, and psychology minor all from Central Michigan University. She has her certifications in Wellness Coordinating and Stress Management from the National Wellness Institute. Cynthia is a certified Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates instructor. She is also a certified Raindrop Therapy provider and has spent hours of biblical study regarding spiritual and emotional development. Cynthia’s mission is to help people be whole and heal by teaching and through other natural therapies including physical movement, nutrition, and emotional/spiritual techniques and prayer.

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